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PBR Apache's Spark's Fly

I am so sick of everyone talking about my sisters, PBR Gentlemen's Fascination, and PBR Apache's Fire Water. How gorgeous and stunning they are, Blah, Blah, Blah! Don't get me wrong, I love them both but once in a while I want to talk about me and mine. I want to talk about my gorgeous fiber, my beautiful vicuna patterning, and most of all my outstanding head. I admit that I don't have their spots, their classical look but what I do have is "LEGS"! My legs are so long and straight that sparks fly when I run and pronk. I stand erect, almost like a statue and you should see me race the rest of the herd. I can outrace Fascination and Fire Water any day of the week. Sometimes, I think I'm a racehorse. I'll admit I don't have their fantastic spots but I do have freckles and a dark base which means I might even have a chance at being a harlequin! So when I hear about how wonderful they are I have to remind myself that I'm pretty special too and so is my name "PBR Apache's Spark's Fly".