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Laughter in the Wind

In the heart of the rolling hills, where the grass whispered secrets to the wind, and the ancient oaks cradled dreams, there stood a showcase alpaca ranch. Its name? Plateau Breeze Ranch.

At Plateau Breeze Ranch, the air smelled of sun-kissed hay and the promise of adventure. Alpacas, with their soft, wooly wool, roamed freely across the vast grassy pasture. Their eyes held the wisdom of ages, and their gentle hums carried tales of distant lands.

But it wasn’t just alpacas that called this place home. Hawks circled overhead, their wings slicing through the sky like silver threads were the guardians of PBR, their keen eyes watching over the valley and its inhabitants.

In the heart of the ranch stood an old oak tree- its gnarled branches reaching toward the heavens. Its leaves whispered secrets to those who listened—the kind of secrets that only children and alpacas understood.

And so, one sunny morning, a young girl named Leanne who lived at PBR stepped through the creaky gate. She wore mismatched socks and carried a tattered notebook—the perfect attire for a budding storyteller.

Leanne’s mission? To write true-to-life children’s books in the style of Dr. Seuss. She believed that every blade of grass had a tale to tell, every alpaca a rhyme waiting to burst forth; a place where there is laughter in the wind and imagination takes flight.

She sat beneath the old oak, her pen scratching across the pages. The alpacas gathered around, their ears perked, eager to hear her words. And so, Leanne spun tales of Hay! You Guys! Starring Jr. Lollipops, the alpaca who stirred up mischief. When Leanne read aloud, the old oak tree swayed, as if dancing to its own rhythm.

And so if you ever find yourself near a showcase alpaca ranch, listen closely. Perhaps you’ll hear the hum of the alpacas or catch a glimpse of their lollipop-spotted wool. And remember: imagination knows no bounds, and life is sweeter when you've got a lollipop in one hand and a hay bale in the other especially in the heart of Plateau Breeze Ranch.




To Explore the whimsical world of alpacas by grabbing your copy of 'HAY! YOU GUYS!.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024