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A Laugh out Loud moment or maybe not

It was almost a laugh-out-loud moment, but then it wasn’t……….
As we watched our not-so-attentive alpaca mom kick her unrecognizable baby aside, the clock ticked ahead. “Cappuccino” had changed color, in grand Harlequin style, from fawn to charcoal grey when we sheared her for the first time. She was merely three and a half months old and needed mom for two and half more months, but mom, Charm, couldn’t care less, and poor Cappuccino didn’t understand why.
With a sore hip, I sat in fro

Holy Cow

Holy Cow, Jason! This year's hay is better than we got from you last year!! Thank you so much, So Cal Hay


Aw...Fondue...Chocolate...Watches...Fasnacht and Christmas Markets!!! That's Switzerland, and now we can add Rare Gem Whole Latte Love and PBR Apache's MeMukataya to that wonderful country!!! It's bitter/sweet for Plateau Breeze Ranch as we say goodbye, and the boys say hello to the hills that are alive as they hear the sound of music. Congratulations Tanja on your purchase!!!

The PBR Turkeys

The trick to the alpacas when they are born is to blanket them at night and then
remove it in the morning for the first week after birth. (That is, if you can catch them.) This way they can self regulate their body temperatures when they are around a week old. The first turkey, I call him is Hennessy, is the quickest dang turkey I've ever tried to catch. With a lime-green coat in one hand, I eye him standing near his mom. He's not suspicious at this point until I reach for him. Miss! Now, h

PBR Definitely N Perfect Harmony

It was one of those moments when you question what you are looking at. There pinned under the chicken wire was a gorgeous, fine fleeced, spotted newborn. Her mother was nowhere to be found as I carefully pulled the wire to free her. Please don't catch her newborn skin on the wire, I pleaded. I wrapped her in a blanket and carried her to a clean location while noticing that no mother followed. OMG! This is going to be a long day, I thought, as I panicked a bit with the knowledge that this baby n

The best of life.....

The best of life is when your ranch hand helper is your granddaughter, Juliana, and you get to experience the joy on her face as she lights up the alpacas.


PBR Scout's Magical Hennessy on the Rocks. Anxiety.... Persistent worry began to build as I went in search of Spring, who didn't come up from the pasture with the herd. Then I spotted her...she wanted to come to me but was hesitant as I saw a little spotted head peek up from a pile of rocks. OMG!!! Spring had her baby, I thought, as I ran to the very protective mother, and wrapped the baby in my shirt. I struggled to carry the bouncing 18 pound baby boy into the barn as his mother watched on. M

This one was a scary one.........

This one was a scary one, a real nail biter, but worth every moment. The day started out hot, hot, hot, and I knew Rare Gem Heart Kandi was over it. With one leg presenting and too much time passing, I sensed something might be wrong and needed to call in some resources. First problem...No vet available. Second concern...No idea where to begin.. Third difficulty..Kandi is a maiden. Two quick to my daughter (the calm one ) and our neighbor, Kent England, who saved the day. With Mekenzi


Pride... It's a pleasure and very satisfying to see a dream become reality. Take a look at PBR Divine Bello Fountaine, PBR Divine Embraced by the Light, and PBR Invincible's Locked and Loaded. All three made their first trip off the ranch to a Beerfest. They acted like gentlemen as they showed off their gorgeous fleece and flirted with the girls. I raise my bottle with pride and toast my three boys!!!

PBR Hotel California

Welcome to The PBR Hotel California. Enter if you dare, as Igor and Cassandra greet you with some Halloween treats. You can only choose one, though...DEAD FLOWERS or BODY PARTS.. You decide. muahahaha

The Electric Sky at PBR

The Electric Sky at Plateau Breeze Ranch alpacas. The sky was dark and low with dense, black clouds as the wind whipped up, howling and warning into the premature sunset. The first crack of lightning lit the sky and within seconds the rolling boom of thunder reverberated overhead. My first thought was of the Plateau Breeze Ranch alpacas as I glanced at the barn cameras. The boom rolled across the open sky, announcing the start of what the looming cloud layer had promised. Our bench in the backya

Whole Latte Love

Rare Gem Whole Latte Love. At birth, he knew what he would be when he grew up. Hopping on and off of the breeding animals taught him what to do when he grew up. Now, at age, 3, he has two babies on the ground and four more on the way here at Plateau Breeze Ranch Alpacas. He's stout, confident, great conformation, perfect pedigree and certain to pass on his harlequin/appaloosa traits. Take a good look at Rare Gem Whole Latte Love. You'll fall in love with his handsome face and calm temperament. H

Convicts and their Mugshots

The Plateau Breeze Alpaca Mugshots. Be careful what you wish for!!!! I found myself bored and yearning for something to write about. A quick check of the alpacas found my sore rotator cuff weak!!!! As I opened the automatic gate to check my male studs, I noticed Mukataya to my right eyeing the open gate and his way to freedom. He darted to the opening after my John Deere entered the area. Bumped by one of those yayhoo's, the gate remained open as Royal and Belvedere followed. I glanced to my lef


We took a moment to take a breath, be mindful, promise to see beauty in everything, speak only kind words, and love with all of our hearts. I'm not sure the Plateau Breeze Ranch alpacas did that, but they were there and made things extra special.

Spa day!!!!!

After their day at the Plateau Breeze Ranch spa, Fascination and Kandi glow in a way that outshines even the sun! Their fleece has been sheared and brushed, their nails and teeth are trimmed. They are proud, beautiful, and ready for anything that comes their way!

PBR Apache's Spark's Fly

I am so sick of everyone talking about my sisters, PBR Gentlemen's Fascination, and PBR Apache's Fire Water. How gorgeous and stunning they are, Blah, Blah, Blah! Don't get me wrong, I love them both but once in a while I want to talk about me and mine. I want to talk about my gorgeous fiber, my beautiful vicuna patterning, and most of all my outstanding head. I admit that I don't have their spots, their classical look but what I do have is "LEGS"! My legs are so long and straight that sparks fl

PBR Apache's Fire Water

Brace yourself or better yet grab yourself a drink!!! You are about to meet PBR Apache's Fire Water, our newest member of the PBR crew. She was born yesterday, early morning, and brought some very serious smiles on our faces!!!!

2020 AOA Vintage Cup Award

What a beautiful way to start the day, with the AOA Vintage Cup waiting for me at my doorstep! I spent most of the morning searching for its proper resting place, and here it is! The silver and engraved cup is gorgeous, heavy, and makes a statement where ever it is. Thank you again, Alpacas Owner Association!

She may not be beautiful.......

She may not be the most beautiful girl in the herd but there is something about her that makes me smile. When I look at her offspring I wonder if it's the sire that influences them or if it's just her. Her nose is big and kind of long. She doesn't stand erect like some others but there is still something about her. Then I realized, it's the hay that she loves to hold in her mouth no matter what is going on around her. She makes me laugh and that's what I love about her.

Bleu, panic and adrenaline

I sit here and reflect on what a day it was. While I sat alone and watched the riots and protests on tv, I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to feed my baby, Spirit. I threw a bottle together and rushed down to her to find the herd distraught. The boy's bam on the other side of the property was loud, with lots of sounding of alarms. I realized something was wrong and thought about predators, coyotes, snakes, and God knows what else. "I'm here alone", I thought, but I have to do something. I

PBR Apache's Spirit in the Sky

It was a beautiful day, the breeze was blowing and the temp was perfect when a true black baby alpaca was born in our pasture on a bed of green grass. She was up, dry, and nursing within the first fifteen minutes of life. I was in awe as I watched her race from one end of the pasture to the other without a care in the world while her mother lounged and casually kept a close eye on her spirited baby. I knew the name Spirit in the Sky matched her perfectly. Suddenly, out of nowhere, her mother die

Party Girl Sahara

I should have known all along that she was a "Party girl" just by the way she admired herself in the mirror. She was the only one in the herd that just couldn't quite get enough of herself, but I bred her anyway and eleven months later, she gave birth to PBR Gun-Metal Bugatti and then abandoned him. As I sat night after night, day after day, feeding her newborn, I started to realize that I just didn't like that "bad mother". I was throwing darts at her with my eyes and whispering swear words as


This one is a "sleeper" as I like to call it. PBR XXXtreme Blanket of Secrecy was born a fading fawn but as she grew she began exhibiting black eyeliner and muzzle. With her sire, Rare Gem XXXtreme Spots, being appaloosa and her dam a fawn with white points, it appears that Secrecy has a good shot at passing on her sire traits. It will be interesting to see what hides under that blanket of secrecy when she is shorn tomorrow!!!!!

Clown's Magical Scout

We're excited to meet Clown's Magical Scout who will join the PBR crew for a year! He's a beauty who will add rare and exciting appaloosa/harlequin genetics to our herd. Thank you, Marilyn Esteb for trusting us with your baby!!

UPDATE: Scout has been added to the Plateau Breeze Ranch and has already produced 4 gorgeous Harlequin/Appaloosa babies and 1 bright white beauty. Check him out! He is incredible!!!!

Changing Eyes

He was born in 18 minutes thirty-five years ago and has had quite a challenge throughout the years. You can’t help but love him with his great intelligence and creativity. His humor is addicting. I’ve written a book, Changing Eyes, about his life and struggles and as you read it many of you will recognize that you are in the book under a disguised name of course. He has my heart, and I’m proud to be his mother and to watch him grow into this wonderful and motivated individual. I love you, Travis

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler alert.......The Royals (Snowmass Royal Oracle, Snowmass Royal Rose and Snowmass Royal Passion) have added a new member to their family, and he is truly special!!!

Meet PBR Royal History Supreme....He has that Markle sparkle and fiber only a king would wear!!!

Twice Baked

I should have named this little boy Twice Baked instead of Gun-Metal Bugatti. After I quit looking under Sahara's tail for a bulge, checking for bagging up, reading the calendar and counting the days, and then finally deeming she really wasn't pregnant at all, she let him go on the 370th day! But boy or boy, did she do it! In the darkness of night, she produced a 15 pound Platinum Harlequin/Appaloosa. His fiber is a glorious mixture of dark, light, silver, and lavender greys with some beige, whi


Sharing our beautiful day with our grandchildren at the PBR alpaca barn!!! They don't know it, but they are PBR's up-and-coming staff!!!!!

Heart Kandi

Kandi loves to kiss the camera! She steals me Heart!

Freckled Bliss Birth

We'd only had the ranch up and running (if you could even say that) for a month or two as we watched our females stomach's expand. We had no experience with alpaca childbirth but I must say Marc and I were very experienced with human childbirth. Together we had delivered four children, one in the elevator at the hospital with no doctor present, the other three very quickly and completely natural. Did that help us with Freckles birth? "Hell no!!!
I sensed something was going on at the barn

My favorite girls-Periwinkle and Kandi

Periwinkle and Heart Kandi love their new home here at PBR aka Plateau Breeze Ranch!!!

PBR (Plateau Breeze Ranch)

Marc and I are finally breaking ground for our new ranch "Plateau Breeze" Future home to our newly acquired Alpacas! Can't wait

Breezy Boutique at Plateau Breeze Ranch

The little potting shed has transformed itself through the summer months! So much fun to play escape to nature

Proud Member of

Alpacas Owners Association