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The PBR Turkeys (children's book)

Hennessy and Perfection

PBR Turkey's. The trick to the alpacas when they are born, is to blanket them at night and then
remove it in the morning for the first week after birth. (That is, if you can catch them.) This way, they can self-regulate their body temperatures when they are around a week old. The first turkey, I call him, is Hennessy, is the quickest dang turkey I've ever tried to catch. With a lime-green coat in one hand, I eye him standing near his mom. He's not suspicious at this point until I reach for him. Miss! Now, he eyes the coat and then back at me. He hides behind the hay bale waiting for my second try. I move slowly and don't make eye contact with him. Grab! Miss! That dang boy is quick. He begins zigzagging around the female alpacas in the group, under and over them; he can escape the coat. Aha! I've got him cornered, I think, until he sees his opening and runs for high heavens. Now I'm getting mad and frustrated. Maybe tonight he will freeze, I think to myself!!! I set down the green coat and picked up the shocking pink jacket. "Perfect", I call her, is a little more mellow. She isn't quite as aware as her counterpart as she sneaks a little taste of milk from her mom. I grab her, and she struggles, but I succeed. Blanket on! Yay. Hennessy is watching from a distance and doesn't take his eyes off me as I reach again for his coat. I'm going to get you, you little turkey!! I run through the pile of dung and grab him. I've got him until miss jealousy, Spark's Fly, comes around the corner and nibbles my shirt. Stop it, I've Hennessy pinned against the fence, and Sparks has my shirt in her mouth. I think they've got me pinned!!! Dang! I wrestle the little jerk, get the coat on and release him! He runs like a victor with his green coat on. This is just one night out of five!!! I swear tomorrow will be easier, or will it?