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PBR Apache's Spirit in the Sky

PBR Apche's Spirit in the Sky
Spirit and half sister PBR Gentlemen's Fascination

Spirit and half sister PBR Gentlemen's Fascination

It was a beautiful day, the breeze was blowing and the temp was perfect when a true black baby alpaca was born in our pasture on a bed of green grass. She was up, dry, and nursing within the first fifteen minutes of life. I was in awe as I watched her race from one end of the pasture to the other without a care in the world while her mother lounged and casually kept a close eye on her spirited baby. I knew the name Spirit in the Sky matched her perfectly. Suddenly, out of nowhere, her mother died unexpectedly when Spirit was one month old. A necropsy found no answers. Spirit's eyes conveyed the truth. She was lost, heartbroken, and needed my help. Her spirit was gone and I knew there were tough times ahead. Her first night alone she found comfort beside her 1/2 sister for the night that left me bleeding tears. She was sad and losing weight while I fought to get her to accept a bottle and a foreign tasting substance known as cow's milk. She is now two months old, things are improving, slowly, and today was the first day she left the barn and enjoyed the pasture with some of her fellow companions while I watched on like a doting mother.