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Plateau Breeze Ranch

Plateau Breeze Ranch in God's Country

PBR Divine World's Bellagio-2020 AOA National Fleece Show Champion
PBR Gentlemen's Fasination-Wildly spotted Leopard Harlequin/Appaloosa

PBR Eclipse's Promises in the Dark

PBR Royal History Supreme

Our ranch on the plateau in Murrieta, CA. grew up out of the pale green hills as if it had always been part of the scenery. This is where we experience cool ocean breezes, spectacular views of the plateau, the vineyards and a real sense of peace. We never dreamed in our wildest of imagination that we'd be alpaca ranchers, breeders and sellers of elite-fleeced alpacas, but here we are, and we love it!

Our third year in business has brought with it a lot of surprises! First, PRB Divine World's Bellagio was born on our ranch and brought with him superior fleece. The crimp and fineness were evident the moment I cast my eyes on him the day he was born. He almost resembled a Suri! I knew I had a winner and then found 8 months later that he would champion at the AOA National Fleece Show. Quite a feat for an eight-month-old! That put a first place and purple banner in his corner. The next shock was when our ranch was granted the ultimate award "The Vintage Cup"! What an honor and beyond our dreams. "We're just getting started!" I thought and the best is yet to come! With 14 babies in various colors including elite fleeced whites, beiges, appaloosas and harlequins on the way, how can we miss? All of them are well-thought-out pairings with fantastic studs and gorgeous females. I suddenly realized with PBR Divine World's Bellagio's big win and our other outstanding alpacas our ranch was becoming a "boutique" ranch where we only sell the best of the best! Our goal stays on track so whether you love the luscious whites, the beautiful beige, the true blacks or the harlequin and appaloosas, you've come to the right place. We have what you are looking for, and they are the best! Look out show circuit! Plateau Breeze Ranch is on the map!

See here what it takes to breed for lasting fineness and genetic superiority while you browse through our website Share in our dreams and spend time with our true hosts, our beautiful and exquisite alpacas.