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Our ranch on the Plateau in Murrieta, California, grew upout of the pale green hills as if it had always been part of the scenery. We experience cool ocean breezes, spectacular views of the plateau, thevineyards and a real sense of peace at our little piece of heaven. We neverdreamed in our wildest of imagination that we'd be alpaca ranchers, breedersand sellers of elite-fleeced alpacas, but here we are, and we love it!

With 20 years in the Real Estate business, I knew it was time to change. Aftermany discussions with Marc, we decided to get into ranching. Many peoplethought the two of us had lost our marbles when we chose to invest in alpacas,but it was on the drawing board. We turned empty and raw land into a beautifulranch highlighted by an exceptional herd of animals with our dreams and sweat.What started as a project and ease into retirement turned into apassion.  

We had our work cut out to develop a wonderland of ranch beauty. We worked hardto transform the stark waterway that ran through the bottom part of theproperty into an emerald green pasture. We flattened a pad for a centerpiecebarn, which presented some initial challenges for us. Part of the site is anarea subject to seasonal weather extremes. It can be sunny and 70 degrees one dayand 100 degrees the next. The ever-present fire danger in California was also achallenge that required a turnaround lane for fire trucks. We addressed thesechallenges with design features and created an area for a well that wouldprovide plenty of water if needed.

The barn features three distinct areas, a fantastic tack room with a fullbathroom, a cria pen that houses medicines and food. The tall ceilingshighlight the gorgeous artwork that hangs on the walls. The padded flooring isideal for our soft-hoofed alpacas. There is plenty of ventilation, keeping theliving area cool with ceiling and wall fans. No height restrictions to limitthe 25' ceiling of this stunning area was a plus. Heavy beams supported theroof span to ensure stability. Marc constructed comprehensive overhangingroofing to provide additional shade for the summer months. The state-of-the-artanimal husbandry barn looks charming and picturesque on the outside and onlygets better when you step inside. 

It seemed appropriate to add a lane along the bottom fence line to accommodatethe breeding operation. This unique trail has two purposes; a way for the boysto travel from their barn to the girls for breeding and more exercise. It hasbeen one of the best ideas we came up with, and it didn't take long for theboys to know its use. Open their gate, and within two minutes, they pronk intothe lane and up to the girls' barn. 

We added a guest house which services as a fleece room, conference room, anoffice and a guest suite all in one space. It takes in the wonder and majestyof the volcanic plateau on the southern side of the Murrieta/Fallbrook. 

At PBR, you have access to some of the best alpacas inthe world. 





Thursday, October 20, 2022