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HAY YOU GUYS! Starring Jr. Lollipops

Fuzzy hugs, Alpaca Style


Whimsical Debut: Prepare for wonder and delight.


No phone Call. Just two words.

"They're Out"


In the sleepy suburb of Murrieta, where the grass tickled your toes and the clouds whispered secrets, there stood a rickety old barn. It's wooden planks sagged like the shoulders of a tired storyteller, and its roof had more holes than swiss cheese. But within those creaky walls, something magical brewed- a mischief-making herd of alpacas.

Now, you might wonder, "What's an alpaca doing in a barn?" Well, dear reader, these weren't ordinary alpacas. They had twinklin eyes, curly wool, and a penchant for pranks. And their leader? Jr. Lollipops, the boldest, lollipop-spotted alpaca this side of the Andes.

One fateful morning, as the sun peeked over the hills, Jr. Lollipop gathered the herd. "Listen up, my wooly warriors!" he declared. "Today, we break free from this barnyard and explore the world beyond!"

The alpacas exchanged excited glances. The gate, rusty and stubborn, had kept them captive for ages. But now, fueled by curiosity and a dash of rebellion, they plotted their escape. First, they sent Buttsmasher, the largest, biggest hipped alpaca, to the gate. With a truimphant bleat, he bumped the gate open. The gate groaned, as if saying, "Finally, some fresh air!"

And out they spilled- First Buttmasher and then Greasy Thumb, Pickle Toes, Polka Dot Pete, Joey Banana, Camel Lipps, and the prankster, Jr. Lollipops, who had a penchant for hay bales. Their laughter echoed through the dew kissed morning. But just as they tiptoed onto the dirt road, a grumpy old rancher appeared. "Hay! You Guys! Ye, wooly rascals!" she bellowed, waving her stick at them. "What devilry is this?"

How would she return them to the old rickety barn? And for the punishment? She knew she loved them....

Chaos erupted. The alpacas zigzagged down the road, leaving a trail of wooly tufts, glitter and butterflies. The ole rancher chased them, her boots sinking into mud puddles. "Come back, ye fluffy fiends!" she hollered. But the alpacas were swift, darting behind sunflowers. Their laughter blending with the wind. The alpacas danced on rainbows, painted the sky with mischief and left the ole rancher scratching her head. 




















Friday, February 23, 2024