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HAY! YOU GUYS! Starring Cutie Patootie

Fuzzy hugs, Alpaca Style

Whimsical Debut: Prepare for wonder and delight.

Carousel of Life

Once upon a sun-kissed morning, in the heart of the rolling hills, there lived a alpaca rancher. Her days were filled with the rhythm of two-toed alpacas, the scent of hay, and the gentle sway of the wind through the grass. But on this particular day, something extraordinary awaited her at the proper red barn.

The rancher, her boots caked in mud, trudged toward the barn. The air was thick with anticipation, as if even the sparrows perched on the eaves knew that today was different. She pushed open the creaky door, and there, bathed in the soft light filtering through the hayloft, stood a circle of alpaca aunties.

Their woolly forms encircled a trembling female alpaca named Cutie Patootie, her eyes wide with both fear and determination. Her swollen belly heaved, and her breaths came in ragged waves. The aunties, their long necks craned, hummed a soothing melody—a chorus of ancient wisdom passed down through generations.

The scene was surreal. The aunties moved with a grace that defied their rotund bodies. Their feet barely touched the straw-covered floor as they shuffled clockwise around Cutie Patootie. Their eyes held a knowing, as if they’d witnessed countless births under the same weathered rafters.

The rancher watched, her heart swelling with wonder. The alpaca aunties were no ordinary creatures. They were guardians of life, midwives of the Andean winds. Their soft, woolly coats bore the stories of countless newborns—their struggles, their first wobbly steps, and the promise of futures yet unwritten.

As Cutie Patootie's labor intensified, the aunties leaned in, their breaths warm against her flank. They hummed louder, a harmonious vibration that seemed to coax the baby alpaca into the world. The rancher noticed how their eyes sparkled, as if they held secrets whispered by the stars themselves.

And then it happened—the miracle that would forever etch itself into the rancher’s memory. Cutie Patootie gave one final push, and the barn echoed with a triumphant cry. The baby alpaca slid into the straw, all legs and fluff. But she, exhausted and bewildered, didn’t recognize her own creation.

Instead of nuzzling her newborn, Cutie Patootie stared at the tiny creature as if it were an enigma. The aunties exchanged amused glances, their hums now tinged with laughter. The baby’s coat was the color of sunflowers—bright yellow, a rarity among alpacas. To her, it looked like a hat, perched jauntily on her offspring’s head.

“Look, Cutie Patootie!" the rancher whispered, kneeling beside the bewildered mother. “Your little one has arrived.”

Cutie Patootie blinked, then sniffed the yellow fluff. Her eyes widened, and for a moment, she seemed to consider the possibility that her baby was indeed wearing a hat. But then instinct kicked in. She nudged the little alpaca, and their bond ignited—a love as fierce as the mountain winds.

The aunties hummed louder, their circle tightening. They welcomed the new baby, their woolly bodies swaying like a carousel. The rancher watched, tears in her eyes, as Cutie Patootie nuzzled her sunflower-hatted offspring. The barn filled with warmth, love, and the promise of a thousand more sun-kissed mornings.

And so, in that sacred circle of alpaca aunties, a new chapter began—a tale of birth, wonder, and the magic that weaves life together. Cutie Patootie’s yellow-hatted baby would grow strong, grazing on the same hills, surrounded by the hum of ancient wisdom and the love of her woolly kin.

And whenever the rancher stepped into the barn, she would remember that day—the day she witnessed the alpaca aunties’ carousel, spinning life into existence, one revolution at a time. 


Tuesday, February 27, 2024