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Hay! You Guys starring Junior Lollipops (Children book 1)

Junior Lollipops

Junior Lollipops

The Plateau Breeze Ranch alpacas. Be Careful what you wish for!!!! I found myself bored and yearning for something to write about. A quick check of the alpacas found my sore rotator cuff weak!!!! As I opened the automatic gate to check my male studs, I noticed Mukataya to my right eyeing the open gate and his way to freedom. He darted to the opening after my John Deere entered the area. Bumped by one of those yayhoos, the gate remained open as Royal and Belvedere followed. I glanced to my left and saw Pandemonium boldly approaching the open gate. I yelled, stop!!!! Of course, he didn't, and right on cue, Bugatti, Scout and Latte dashed out of the area. Now, I'm the only one stuck behind the closed gate!!! The boys are on the loose!!! The girls saw the boys trotting up the road, and they reacted. They were pronking, jumping, and excited about their future. I was screaming, THE ALPACAS ARE OUT! at the top of my lungs. Nobody responded, so I grabbed a 2x4 and headed toward those jerks! My arm now is throbbing, but my eyes were focused on them! Get back in there!!! I shook as I wondered if our front gate was closed. I wanted to throw a rock at them, but my shoulder told me No! Somehow, I pulled my logical thinking together and ran to the boys; who knew how mad I was! I finally herded them back to where they belonged, took a hose, and gave them a well-deserved soaking. They didn't mind at all, but my arm sure did! Be on the lookout for the Plateau Breeze Ranch escapees!!

My shoulder was throbbing; it was one of those days
I couldn't stop sobbing through a big empty gaze.
I checked on the pacas who were watching the horses.
I thought of the opening against all the forces.
I noticed those boys were acting so sneaky
They kept eyeing the gate, which was doing some creaking.
Junior Lollipops bravely protected his herd
But in his mind, they were just different colored nerds
As he ate from a bale of bootlegged hay,
He darted to the opening when I entered the bay.
His blazing bright spots were purple and blue.
His dark eyes shone as he watched the gate as it flew.
One of the other yayhoos stood by
Joey Banana and Polka Dot Pete were not very shy
They were the bosses, and everyone knew why.
Joey Banana was more than just one big guy.
He threw out a kick and could knock out your jaw
He was king as he picked at all of the straw
Polka Dot Pete wore brown and black spots.
Some people called him Dot Dot Dot.
I glanced to my left and saw Camel Lipps there
and noticed his lips had a speck of grey hair
His topknot a mess and all greased back,
Buttsmasher boldly approached the large open track.
He gave that gate a giant, big push
I looked at the gate, and then I yelled, STOP!!!!
Huckleberry and Greasy Thumb dashed from that spot.
Now, I'm stuck behind the closed gate.
And I knew that it was almost too late.
THE BOYS ARE LOOSE!!! I screamed with a loud yell
Nobody responded, so I thought, FAREWELL!
I grabbed a long wooden stick to give them the works
As I headed toward those seven little jerks!
My arm was throbbing, but my eyes were on them!
GET BACK IN THERE!!! I couldn't condemn
I shook as I watched them prance to the street.
I badly wanted to throw a rock at their feet,
But my shoulder said, "NO! YOU'D BETTER NOT DARE!"
Somehow, my thought turned to the air
DON'T SPIT! DON'T SPIT! The words rang in my ear
I saw green drool from their mouths as I drew near.
First from their long necks and then from their tummies.
It stunk, and I knew that the smell wasn't yummy.
It was yucky as it formed in their wide chewing mouths.
A ball of spit flew in the air and I got doused.
They were spitting at each other! Spitballs on fire.
Their tongues hung straight down as a treat became dire.
They'd found trouble, and I stopped them from joking
I took a long hose and gave them a well-deserved soaking.