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Convicts and their Mugshots

The Plateau Breeze Alpaca Mugshots. Be careful what you wish for!!!! I found myself bored and yearning for something to write about. A quick check of the alpacas found my sore rotator cuff weak!!!! As I opened the automatic gate to check my male studs, I noticed Mukataya to my right eyeing the open gate and his way to freedom. He darted to the opening after my John Deere entered the area. Bumped by one of those yayhoo's, the gate remained open as Royal and Belvedere followed. I glanced to my left and saw Pandemonium take a bold step towards the open gate. I yelled, stop!!!! Of course, he didn't, and right on cue Bugatti, Scout and Latte dashed out of the area. Now, I'm the only one stuck behind the closed gate!!! The boys are on the loose!!! The girls saw the boys trotting up the road, and boy, did they react. They were pronking, jumping, and excited about what could be their future. I was screaming, THE ALPACAS ARE OUT! at the top of my lungs. Nobody responded, so I grabbed a 2x4 and headed toward those jerks! My arm now is throbbing, but my eyes were focused on them! Get back in there!!! I shook as I wondered if our front gate was closed. I wanted to throw a rock at them, but my shoulder told me No! Somehow, I pulled my logical thinking together, ran to the boys who knew how mad I was! I finally herded them back to where they belong, took a hose, and really gave them a well-deserved soaking. They didn't mind at all, but my arm sure did! Be on the lookout for the Plateau Breeze Ranch escapees!!