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Party Girl Sahara

PBR Gun-Metal Bugatti
I should have known all along that she was a "Party girl" just by the way she admired herself in the mirror. She was the only one in the herd that just couldn't quite get enough of herself, but I bred her anyway and eleven months later, she gave birth to PBR Gun-Metal Bugatti and then abandoned him. As I sat night after night, day after day, feeding her newborn, I started to realize that I just didn't like that "bad mother". I was throwing darts at her with my eyes and whispering swear words as I prepared yet another bottle. The time slipped away as I watched Bugatti learn who his milkmaid was, me. He ran to me without hesitation five times a day once he learned what that little white bottle held. For six months, I fed him religiously until he got to be the size of his mother. I finally weaned him. Funny, he never showed much gratitude, and to this day he acts as if he has never seen me before. It's all good and all I can say is that he turned into one gorgeous platinum harlequin/appaloosa!