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Hay! You Guys starring Cutie Patootie (Children's book 2)

The driveway was rocky
as I thought of a jockey
Once I got there
It was more than a scare
In the middle of the barn was a mother not old
She stood very still and not very bold
She was surrounded by pacas; different in ages
They circled around her and watched for the changes
Cutie Patootie stood ever so still
As her belly began to delight with a thrill
Her tail finally raised but oh, it was slowly
While everyone watched her maybe too closely
The pacas included some of the Aunties
Who moved and hummed, some wore pink panties?
The oldest, Gran BunBun, started to cluck
You might think that it was her and her duck?
She was a pro and it showed on her face
An expert she was, she had so much grace
Smores followed with a big beating drum
And wildly chewed two packs of bubble gum
It was a fantasy merry-go-round of some sorts
As the Aunties continued to follow and support
I stood and stared but did not interfere
I knew that Cutie Patootie would persevere
Round and round the Aunties continued to move
Freckled Bliss actually started to groove
They danced and celebrated as the baby drew near
I could see that Cutie Patootie needed a beer
Snowball and Magic Charm were more than excited
And happy to be amongst the invited
Two little toes and one pink nose
Came from her mother's behind and then froze
She dropped to the ground and wiggled about
Cutie Patootie had lots of questions and doubt
She looked at her baby and wondered "What's that?"
It looked like her baby was wearing a striped-yellow hat
The Aunties approved of the new little one
They smelled and congratulated and had so much fun
The excitement was over as they moved to the hay
Cutie Patootie smiled for the rest of the day